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The 330, from garbage to race car......


The 330 as Dave found her....through a transformation that  took less than one year!

October 2003....It had the heart of a racer!  No engine, no trans.  Originally a 318, 3 spd  on the tree car.

Some gardening to take care of.  That is moss growing on the pass rear wheel well!

December 2003.......

Unwrapping it, just like a big Christmas present

Yanking the drums to upgrade to discs.

Throwing in this 400, so we have an operational vehicle


In and running

battery at the back

April 2004....As it looks here, it only made one pass at the track.  With the rock stock smogger 400, she went 15.9@92mph

Time for more motor!

1967 440 hp block.  

forged crank, balanced rotating assembly

.030 over speed pro's

452 Mopar iron heads, stock valve size

Racer Brown custom ground Cam 242 @ 50, 510 lift"

Edelbrock Rpm intake

750 Mighty Demon

hooker headers



Some sub frame connectors, with supports for the seats

fuel system to keep up with the new motor.

Gauges.........and the 30 X 9 slicks that fit really nice on a cop wheel


Racing at Mission.  12.45 at 109 mph best pass that year.








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